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New Student Info

Welcome to our school!

If you are new to our school, please read this article because it will help you get started right with our class reservation system and our school rules and answer other important questions.

Our School Rules

Our school rules make sure you or your child(ren) are kept safe at all times, and we have a pleasant training environment. Please click on the picture to enlarge it so you can study our school rules before coming to your first class.


Our Class Reservation System

Our HelloClub online school management system allows you to check our live class schedule, reserve a class, sign in online, and check your payments and promotions anytime. Please click on the link here: become familiar with it. If you have any questions you can always contact Felix at 822-2778.

Other Important Information

If you have never trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before one of the first questions will be how to tie your belt. I made a video a while ago and you can follow it here:

You may feel overwhelmed by how technical BJJ is and find it hard to remember all the details. I recommend that you just enjoy the class and simply practice the techniques until asked to stop by your instructor.

However, if you need help to remember what you learned, you can use our video library which has more than 1,600 videos and includes each technique shown in class. You can join for just BBD$6 per month and check it out here: . Please contact us at and I am happy to give you a free trial month to start you off right.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any other questions.

I see you on the mats,

Professor Don

The Importance of Jiu-Jitsu Hygiene

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a physically demanding martial art that involves close contact and grappling with training partners often after a long hot day at work or school. One crucial aspect that is sometimes overlooked is hygiene. Please always come to class clean or wipe down sweat to prevent odors and infections. Maintaining proper hygiene practices is essential for your health and the well-being of your training partners and your BJJ school. Here’s a look at why hygiene matters in BJJ and how you can ensure you’re practicing good hygiene habits:

  1. Preventing Skin Infections: BJJ involves direct skin-to-skin contact, which can easily spread infections like ringworm, staph (Staphylococcus aureus), and fungal infections. These virii occur naturally in the air and on our skin. They can turn into infections when entering our bloodstream because they can thrive in warm, moist environments such as sweaty training mats and can quickly spread among practitioners if proper hygiene is not maintained.
  2. Respect Your Training Partners: BJJ is a sport that requires trust and mutual respect among training partners. Practicing good hygiene shows respect for others by minimizing the risk of transmitting infections and ensuring a pleasant training experience for everyone involved. Never train with unwashed gi or clothing or strong body odor. Wash and do not use deodorants to cover any odor.
  3. Personal Health and Well-being: Poor hygiene can lead to various health issues for individuals, ranging from minor skin irritations to more serious infections that can spread to others. By maintaining good hygiene practices, practitioners can reduce the likelihood of these issues and stay healthy and active in their training.

Essential Hygiene Practices for BJJ

  1. Cleanliness of Gear: Your BJJ gi, belt, bag, and any other clothing should be washed immediately after every training session. Sweat, dirt, and bacteria can accumulate on these garments, making them potential breeding grounds for infections if not washed right away.
  2. Showering After Training: Showering immediately after training helps remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria from your skin, reducing the risk of skin infections. Use an antibacterial soap and pay particular attention to areas prone to friction and contact with training partners.
  3. Nail and Skin Care: Keep your nails short and clean to minimize the risk of scratching or cutting your training partners during grappling. Long nails can also harbor bacteria and contribute to the spread of infections. Moisturize your skin regularly to prevent dryness and cracking, which can make you more susceptible to infections.
  4. Help clean the mats after class: Mats have to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to remove sweat, bacteria, and fungi. We have good protocols in place for mat cleaning, but we need your help by volunteering to wipe the mats and using the disinfectant provided.
  5. Always cover all cuts and abrasions: If you have ANY open cuts or sores, it’s best to refrain from training until they have healed completely. Covering healing wounds and any small cuts and abrasions with a clean, waterproof bandage is MANDATORY and will prevent bacteria from entering and causing infections.
  6. Respectful Behavior in Sparring: Avoid coughing or expelling ANY bodily fluids while on the mat, if you need to blow your nose, do so discreetly and use tissues that can be disposed of properly. These practices help maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs.

By following these hygiene guidelines diligently, both on and off the mats, you can contribute to a cleaner, safer training environment where everyone can enjoy the benefits of BJJ with reduced health risks. Remember, good hygiene is a fundamental part of being a responsible and considerate member of our BJJ schools.

The Beginning Of Barbados BJJ

My wife and I visited Barbados in November 2020 in the middle of the Covid pandemic because we felt safer here than on the Canadian West Coast. We immediately felt at home among the friendly Bajans and the amazing beauty of Barbados.

Initially, I was just looking for a single mat partner to keep up my training when I came across Felix’s Instagram page introducing me to the original group of friends who had been training together for several years at this point under Leo Rodriguez, a MMA fighter and BJJ purple belt which did his best to keep BJJ in Barbados alive during this time.

We started our training together on December 4th, 2020 on Karate mats in our original location at Arjay Furniture factory the best we could under the required social distancing rules and kept it up ever since except for the mandated lockdowns and backyard training where we were fighting rain and sunstroke until eventually the vulcanic ash rain from the St Vincent vulcano eruption forced us back inside.

At this time I bought the first set of proper BJJ mats and everyone pitched in to get our school ready for the official opening. None of this would have been possible without Mark’s generous support, Felix’s tireless effort, Doc’s helpful guidance, and of course all the founding members and second-generation new students who joined us at that time.

I feel very lucky to have found them and I appreciate their acceptance of me as a newcomer to Barbados having a completely different cultural background.

The Beginning of Premier Martial Arts

By 2022 our Silver Hill school had grown so much with students driving long distances from all over the Island that we decided to open a second school. First, we trained in a Fitness gym in Wildey which confirmed the strong interest we had from parents and students on the West Coast and we started looking for a new school location in the Warrens area.

We ended up being very lucky by getting the space on top of Natz Furniture and after a Summer of heavy renovation, we opened our doors officially on September 1st, 2022. From the very first day, we have been overwhelmed by the support of the adult students, parents, and juniors down to age 3 who have made our school their home since.

Today this school is also our headquarters of the Caribbean BJJ Association hosting many visitors and teams from all over the world.

I am incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and friendship and having made Barbados my permanent home, we are all committed to building the Bajan BJJ community together for many years to come.

Our Monthly Community Events

Every month we organize community events for both schools and so far we had many Beach Days involving beach clean-up, Barbecues, surf lessons, and friendly beach game competitions on Batts Rock, Pebbles, and Browne’s beach.

We also organized Bathsheba coastline walks, spent an afternoon playing on Rascal’s floating obstacle course, had a great sunset Catamaran sailing, spent an afternoon at the archery range, and enjoyed banana boat rides for students of all ages.

We just completed our New Year’s Eve Fireworks viewing right on Brown’s Beach very close to the Boatyard fireworks which everyone loved. So, please come join us with your family and friends and become part of our community!


The Barbados International BJJ Championship

After teaching our students in both schools for over a year we felt that the time had come to organize the very first Brazilian Jiu-Jitu tournament in Barbados and so on Sunday, March 26th, 2023 we held the first Barbados International BJJ Championships in the Golden Square Freedom Park in downtown Bridgetown in front of countless spectators and the Barbados press.

Competitors as young as four years old stepped up and competed showing great BJJ skills and true Martial Arts character with courage, tenacity and good sportsmanship.

We invited all Bajan Martial Arts schools to test their grappling skills and determined the very first Barbados BJJ champions in the kids, female and male Juveniles as well as in Gi and No-Gi Adult and Masters divisions.

The effect of the competition on our students was that many returned to training highly motivated with much-improved self-confidence having tested themselves and stood up in front of everyone to demonstrate their BJJ skills. They proved to everyone and above all themselves that they could look after themselves without anger or fear.

The Barbados International BJJ Championship is open to all visitors and is now an annual Spring event with the next tournament taking place on April 21st, 2024:


Public Schools Anti-Bullying Training

With the increase in bullying in our schools Felix and I decided to bring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the public schools in Barbados with a free Anti-Bullying program to make sure that each Bajan student can go to school free of fear.

We found open doors with principals, teachers and students many of whom would have not have access to Martial Arts otherwise. So, we laid down our mats in many public and some private schools and trained one class after the others starting with each four and up.

The children learned to recognize bullying and call it out. They learned to look at bullies with empathy but also to stand up to them. They learned how to protect themselves standing, to fall safely, to defend themselves on the ground and to gain control over the bully using BJJ.

After countless hours and days we ended up training far more than 1,000 students and although it was a lot of hard work the smiles and appreciation of the students showed will make sure that we will continue with this program in 2024 again. If you are a teacher, principal or parent of a student and you want us to visit your school please just contact Felix at 822-2778.p


The Caribbean International BJJ Championship

I was able over the last three years traveling across the Caribbean and trained in BJJ schools in several schools in Trinidad, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, Curacao, Aruba, and more making many new friends. I realized that there are no tournaments celebrating BJJ in the Caribbean and that the Caribbean never had its own Champions.

After talking to many head coaches and hearing their needs our Island was nominated to organize the very first Caribbean Internation BJJ Championships on November 11th, 2023.

We also found that many schools are just starting out and that several Island states still don’t have their own BJJ school. So, we also created the Caribbean BJJ Association to connect all schools and make it easy for visitors to find the schools on each Island.

As of today, we have 22 schools listed with new schools joining all the time:

The first International Caribbean Championship was a huge success with 110 entries determining the very first Caribbean BJJ Champions from many Caribbean countries and Islands as well as North America. That is why we will hold this event every year and the next Championship is already booked for November 10th, 2024.

Women Self-Defence Seminars

We held our first free 90-minute Women-Only Self-Defence seminar in cooperation with Bajans Helping Bajans one of the many non-profit groups that help vulnerable citizens of all ages.

We started with some easy and fun awareness games for a warm-up and then talked about verbal Jiu-Jitsu focusing on avoiding a physical confrontation by delaying any conflict with the motto that “You are still right tomorrow” which helps to cool tempers, and allows them to make better decisions but mainly avoids situations that could spiral out of control.

Next, we taught them how to defend themselves against grabs from the front and behind, block punches, and how to fall safely when pushed on the ground. All these techniques have the goal of keeping them safe while not retaliating and lowering the level of aggression. Lastly, we dealt with the Jiu-Jitsu portion of the seminar to help them survive on the ground because police statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 fights end up on the ground.

All the ladies were very game, laughed, and learned a lot, even though several confided to us later that they were very concerned about coming in. We have to thank Bajans Helping Bajans and ask you to support them whenever you can:

Our next Women’s and Girls’ Only seminar will take place in our Silver Hill school in two weeks. If you are interested in booking a free Women Self-Defence seminar for your organization please just contact Felix at 822-2778.


Barbados Police Service Training


We are always ready to support our community whenever we can, so when Senior Superindentent Lynch from the Oistin police district invited us to train his officers at the BGI airport headquarters we were happy to so.

These officers have families and friends that want to see them come home healthy and un-injured and there is no better way than to use BJJ for subject retention. We covered simple matters like arresting a resisting subject non-violently and moved up to removing subjects from their vehicles as well as dealing with knife and firearms confrontations.

The officers attending varried in their experience in the field from fairly recent training school graduates to senior constables with decades of experience and questions kept coming so our training turned into three training sessions and the feedback at the completion of the training was so positive that we will continue to train as many officers as we can across all districts.

We are also working now with the the Police Training school to coordinate with their curriculum to make sure that all officers receive the latest techniques in Subject retention making the Barbados Police Service looks as professional as possible in their interaction with the public.

If you represent any Barbados government agency with a need for free hands-on training or you represent a security company in need of non-violent conflict resolution training check out what we can offer you here: or contact our General Manager Felix Huggins at 822-2778.

Let us help you to grow your business!

My wife Nash and I are very grateful for all the support we received from all our Bajan parents and students and we would like to help you to grow your business as much as our schools have grown.

We both have been business owners for over 20 years and while there is no way to build a successful business without the help and support of our community we both understand that it takes more than community, money and personal drive to built a lasting business.

Nash has been vital in building Premier and Barbados BJJ with her branding, website and social media marketing skills. She has been working with big clients in the US and Canada for many years and now living locally she would love to help you too.

Regardless if you need an new website that actually attracts new clients for your office, store or law practice or more detailed branding and business advice, please talk to her. She will work with your budget and I can guarantee you that you will be amazed the depth of her knowledge and experience. You can check her out here: or contact her on WhatsApp at 287-1669.

Talk To Us!

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